Mohammad Safarzadeh

NASA-GSFC, February 16, 1:00 pm

Mysterious Black holes, Cosmology, and current state of AI in gravitational waves.

Our understanding of the formation channels of stellar mass compact objects have been challenged by the discovery of massive binary black holes in the third observing run of LIGO/Virgo Collaboration. It is imaginable that our theories of supermassive black hole formation should be revisited by the launch of LISA that targets gravitational wave observations of supermassive black holes at high redshifts. I will start by discussing potential solutions to some of the puzzles in massive binary black holes observed by LIGO. I will then talk about how we can leverage LISA observations to constrain models of supermassive black hole formation together with the expansion rate of the universe at high redshift. Lastly I will dive into where do we stand with the application of AI towards classification of gravitational waves and what is the path forward.